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About Adam Studnicki

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About Adam Studnicki: Introduction

About Adam Studnicki Personal Injury Lawyer

Adam Studnicki, the founder of Studnicki Law Firm, is a top-notch Phoenix personal injury lawyer dedicated to the getting justice and compensation for people who have been hurt.

Adam received his law degree from Harvard Law School, where he graduated with Honors. He’s been helping injured clients in Arizona for more than 30 years. He has a 99% success rate and has recovered more than $100 million for his clients.

Adam does more than just win cases. He really cares about making a positive change in the lives of the people he helps.

“I love helping my clients reach their goals.” — Adam Studnicki, managing attorney at Studnicki Law Firm.

Personal Background

Early Years: Learning Toughness and Kindness

Adam’s life story starts with the inspiring journey of his Polish immigrant parents. “My parents sacrificed tremendously to build the American dream. They taught me hard work, never giving up, and the importance of helping others.”

Growing up in Phoenix, Arizona, Adam excelled in school. He finished second in his class at Brophy College Preparatory.

He then completed a degree in Economics at Arizona State University in just three years, earning highest honors (summa cum laude). While attending college, Adam worked part-time and was active in student life.

Discovering a Passion for Law

In college, Adam realized how important law is in everyday life. “It dawned on me what a huge role the law plays in our lives. Buying a house, driving a car, paying taxes — so much of we do in life has legal implications. Since the law has such a significant impact in our world, I thought that if I could understand it better, I could help make a positive difference in people’s lives.”

Adam’s motivation to become a lawyer to help others was strengthened by his involvement in a mock trial program, and his service in the ASU Student Senate as an elected Senator from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

“I want to make a positive difference in people’s lives.”

Legal Education: For a Better World

Adam obtained his Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree with honors (cum laude) from Harvard Law School. He was in the same graduating class as President Barack Obama and U.S. Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch.

While at Harvard, Adam was Senior Editor of the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy. “Law school helped me understand how the legal process can be used to make the world a better place. Sometimes it’s on a large scale, like national public policies that help millions of people. Sometimes it’s a legal case that helps an individual person.”

Practicing Law: Advocacy and Compassion

After Harvard, Adam joined Gallagher and Kennedy, one of the largest and most prestigious law firms in Phoenix, where he became a partner.

At Gallagher and Kennedy, Adam worked in a variety of areas, including insurance defense work. This experience gave him valuable insights into how companies and insurance companies defend personal injury cases — knowledge he now uses to help injured clients.

Adam realized early in his career that he has a passion for helping injured clients. He dedicated himself to growing the firm’s plaintiff’s personal injury practice.

“My first personal injury case was my own. I was still a young lawyer when my car was totaled in a crash. I was pretty beat up and had to spend the night in the hospital. Since I was defending personal injury lawsuits at the time, I handled the case myself. That experience helped me to decide that I wanted to apply my energy and focus to pursuing justice for others who have been injured. I knew that a first-hand understanding of how big corporations and insurance companies defend cases will help me be a better plaintiffs’ injury lawyer.”

Starting His Own Law Firm

In 2004, Adam established Studnicki Law Firm, focusing on helping injured individuals get justice. He uses his personal and professional experiences to provide caring and expert legal help.

From 2016 and 2019, Adam partnered with Ray Slomski, a top medical malpractice lawyer in Arizona. Adam and Ray combined their expertise to provide exceptional legal support to individuals with catastrophic injuries, particularly in complicated medical malpractice cases.

“I enjoy helping people who have been injured by the negligence of others. It’s a great feeling to bring justice to a family that has been wronged by a company that prioritized profit over people’s lives.”

Philosophy: More than Just a Legal Case

Adam Studnicki believes that helping clients means more than just looking at the court case. To quote Olympic champion Summer Sanders, “To be a champion, I think you have to see the big picture.”

Adam understands that legal problems are part of bigger life issues that can affect someone’s feelings, money, and day-to-day life. He thinks it’s important to look at the whole picture, not just the legal part.

“Your legal situation is usually just one piece of the puzzle, and we need to think about other things going on in your life, too.”

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Approach: Solving Problems with Creativity and Experience

Adam uses his deep legal knowledge and real-life experience to look for solutions that are smart and work in the real world.

He doesn’t just use the same legal plan for everyone. Instead, he comes up with personalized plans that fit the specific needs and situations of each client.

Testimonials and Success Stories

Adam’s strong commitment to justice is shown in his reviews and the results he has achieved. Click the links below to see how Adam’s approach has helped others:

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About Adam Studnicki Voted Best Lawyer

Awards and Recognitions

Adam’s many awards and recognitions highlight his exceptional legal skills and client service.

About Adam Studnicki Super Lawyers

The honors he has received are not just trophies. They show how committed and successful Adam is as a lawyer.

To see a list of Adam’s awards, check out the link below.

Community Engagement and Volunteer Activities

Adam’s commitment to helping others goes beyond practicing law. Over the years, Adam has been involved in a variety of volunteer activities that help and support the community. His dedication to service is shown in both legal and non-legal projects.

Adam strongly believes in helping and supporting the community around him.

Here are some examples of Adam’s past and present volunteer activities:

Additional Information about Adam

Harvard Law School Adam Studnicki


  • Harvard Law School, Cambridge, Massachusetts
    • Juris Doctorate with Honors (Cum Laude)
    • Senior Editor, Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy
  • Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona
    • Bachelor of Science, Economics, with Highest Honors (Summa Cum Laude)
    • Graduated in three years
    • Numerous awards and distinctions, including:
      • Phi Beta Kappa
      • Who’s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities
  • Brophy College Preparatory, Phoenix, Arizona
    • Graduated second in class

Bar and Court Admissions

Reported Cases

Academic Appointments (past)

  • Adjunct Professor of Law, Arizona Summit Law School


  • Fluent in Polish
  • Some Spanish



  • Piano
  • Tennis
  • Skiing
  • Scuba diving
  • Hiking
  • Traveling
  • Meditation
  • Yoga

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